Luna Wellness & Massage 

Relax, Renew, Revive


Pumpkin Delight   $70

The pumpkin treatment will not only brighten and give your skin a healthy glow, but will also bring back nostalgic memories with its delightful scent. Time to relax and enjoy.

Deep Pore Cleanse  $75

The key element to beautiful skin is clean pores. Our deep pore cleansing facial is essential for radiatant, glowing skin, and is especially beneficial for oilier skin types. Experience the perfect combination of cleansing and relaxation in this fundamental treatment focusing on purification. A relasing hand, neck and shoulder massage during a mask makes this treatment as revitalizing as it is relaxing.

Teen Facial  $45

Our Teen Facial is designed for over-active teen skin. It helps unclog blocked pores, reduce oil, and diminish the appearance of pores and acne.

Luna Signature Facial $95

The Custom Facial starts with a full skin analysis so we can customize each facial to your skin's specific needs, Hydrating, Anti-aging, Detoxifying and also accommodates Sensitive skin conditions like Rosacea and Couperose. Our facials involve a deep pore cleaning, exfoliation to rid dead skin cell build up, and nourish the skin.

Express Facial - 40 mins / $49

Press for time and want your skin glowing in minutes? Then this is the perfect treatment for you. Your skin is deeply cleansed and custom application of skin care products. 

Blueberry Oxygen Facial - $75

This berry-filled formulation will hyper-oxygenate your skin cells with its antioxidant load of berries. Blueberries bring to your skin an arsenal of youthening and anti-aging benefits. Cranberries add to the blend with active bioflavonoids as well as much needed vitamins. A gentle exfoliation utilizing fresh fruit pulp, and a deeper cell renewal and collagen production with Glycolic and Alpha Lipoic acids.

Microcurrent "Nonsurgical Facelift" -  Add-on

The dramatic effects of this microcurrent technology are often referred to as a “non-surgical facial-lift.” Microcurrent and LED light therapy have been clinically proven to improve facial toning and contouring. Red and infared LED technology have been shown to improve skin firmness, texture and clarity and reduce wrinkles.

  • Retrains muscles in face and neck improving muscle tone.  
  • Lift jowls and eyebrows.
  • Sun damaged treatment.
  • Increase product penetration. 
  • Reduce wrinkles and eliminate fine lines

Microdermabrasion / Starting at $50 (add-on)

Microdermabrasion sloughs off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating an increase in collagen production and rejuvenation. Many patients see dramatic improvements in the tone, texture, and color of treated areas after just one treatment. Microdermabrasion can also improve: Oily or dull skin