Luna Wellness & Massage 

Relax, Renew, Revive

Just for Men

Barber Men's Facial - $90/60mins

This facial was designed with men's special needs in mind. Steamy hot towels will be used to increase circulation, open pores and induce relaxation. Deep pores purifying exfoliation and calming mask treatment. Scalp, shoulders and Neck Massage complete this Specialty Facial.

Volcanic Deep Purifying Facial - $85/60mins

This purifying and clarifying facial is suitable for anyone experiencing oily, acne, or just out of balance skin. A combination of products help to reduce oil without drying and provides the skin with proper hydration.

Gentlemen’s  Facial - $85/60mins

For deep cleansing and soothing of skin challenged by aging, shaving, or environmental conditions, this facial treatment combines traditional herbalism with the therapeutic effects of light massage.  A deep cleansing mask to purify the skin, drawing out impurities while infusing the complexion with restorative Vitamin C. A warm hand treatment and massage to melt away all worries.

Express Facial - 30 mins / $45

Press for time and want your skin glowing in minutes? Then this is the perfect treatment for you. Your skin is deeply cleansed and custom application of skin care products.