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Body Waxing

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Upper Lip                   $8
Chin                             $10
Full Face                     Starting at $25


Buttocks                        $25
Abdominal                    $20
Chest                              $40
  Back                               $40

Shoulders                       $20

 Neck                               $15

Under Arms                  $25

Half Leg                         $65
Full Leg                          $85
Male Brazilian               Starting at $60


Abdominal                $10

Bikini Line                   $40
Brazilian                     $50
Buttocks                     $15

Lower Back                $15

Forearm                      $20
Full Arm                       $30
Underarms                   $20
Half Leg                        $50
Full Leg                         $65

A Few Tips For Your Wax

Trim: The perfect length for your wax is no shorter than 1/4 inch and longer than a 1/2 inch so it can come off easily and isn’t too long to cause more pain. Make sure to trim down to this length before your appointment.

Exfoliate: Use a loofah before and after your wax to get rid of any ingrown hair and to keep it smooth.

Breathe: Exhale every time she pulls and control your pelvis from jerking with every yank, which will just intensify the pain.

Don't wax 5 days before or after your period.

After-care: Use tea tree oil or aloe vera gel on the area for a couple of days after getting waxed to sooth, and reduce irritation and red spots. Wear loose clothing. Do not work out right after wax and wait 12/24 hrs for any other activity where you will perspire.  Use baby oil to remove any wax left. DO NOT scrub the area to remove any wax.