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Body Waxing


Upper Lip                   $8
Chin                             $10
Full Face                     Starting at $25


Buttocks                        $25
Abdominal                    $20
Chest                              $40
  Back                               $40

Shoulders                       $20

 Neck                               $15

Under Arms                  $25

Half Leg                         $65
Full Leg                          $85
Male Brazilian               Starting at $50


Abdominal                $10

Bikini Line                   $40
Brazilian                     $50
Buttocks                     $15

Lower Back                $15

Forearm                      $20
Full Arm                       $30
Underarms                   $20
Half Leg                        $50
Full Leg                         $65

A Few Tips For Your Wax

Trim: The perfect length for your wax is a couple of centimeters so it can come off easily and isn’t too long to cause more pain. Make sure to trim down to this length before your appointment.

Exfoliate: Use a loofah before and after your wax to get rid of any ingrown hair and to keep it smooth.

Breathe: Exhale every time she pulls and control your pelvis from jerking with every yank, which will just intensify the pain.

After-care: Use tea tree oil or aloe vera gel on the area for a couple of days after getting waxed to sooth, and reduce irritation and red spots. Wear loose clothing. Use baby oil to remove any wax left. DO NOT scrub the area to remove any wax.