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On-Site Chair Massage

For more than two decades, corporations have utilized On-Site Seated Chair Massage to better the workplace. The result... enormous cost savings, increased productivity and happier employees!

Our comprehensive chair massage sessions are designed to relax muscle spasms, relieve tension, improve circulation and hasten elimination of wastes. A wonderful antidote to stress and muscle tension, massage will rub away fatigue, induce relaxation and revitalization, improve alertness and motivation and reduce anxiety levels.

Our licensed and insured massage therapists have a minimum of two-years’ experience and are specifically certified in the latest chair massage techniques to assist in the relief of the symptomatic effects of work-related issues (carpal tunnel, back pain, etc.). They provide a fully clothed treatment of the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms.

With Luna Wellness Massage On-Site Seated Chair Massage, Corporate Wellness Workshops, everyone benefits...from employee’s morale to your bottom-line.

On-Site Chair Massage Fees:

Two Hour Chair Massage Event 

The perfect, affordable way to say "thanks" to your best clients or to reward a small group of employees!

For 8 to 24 people: Choose from
-- eight 15-minute massage appointments,
-- 12 10-minute appointments, or 
-- 24 5-minute appointments.

SAVE $25! Based on average price of $250 - NOW ONLY $225!

Four-Hour Chair Massage Event

Great for a larger office, company anniversary celebration, or other special event!
For 16 to 48 people: Choose from
-- 16 15-minute appointments, 
-- 24 10-minute appointments, or
-- 48 5-minute appointments. 

(Please note: This event works best if individuals "pre-schedule" their appointments.) Isela and team will be on-site for five hours, with four total hours to perform massages, 45 minutes for lunch, and one 15-minute break.

SAVE $50! Based on average price of $400 - NOW ONLY $350!

*Please note that specials are subject to availability.